Finding a Great Tradie

We’re all busy living our lives day to day. So when we need some help from a tradesman to get something done around the house, and we havn’t got the time to go through the yellow pages and phone 3 different businesses, how can we quickly find a RELIABLE tradie?

One of the best way is to use Google. Obvious of course, but I’m not just talking about the search engine, what I really mean is Google Places. You probably havn’t paid much attention to the results you get when your type “electrician cranbourne”.

But if you take a closer look at the types of results you get, it can actually save you time finding the right tradie for you, and get you one that comes highly recommended too!

At the top and side, you’ll see businesses who are advertising on Google. These guys have services that match exactly what you’re looking for. Below that you’ll then get a mix of general listings, Google Places results, video, images etc etc.

By clicking on the Google Places heading or map that appears on the right hand side, you’ll uncover a wealth of additional information that will help you quickly and easily find the right tradie for you.

For example, you’ll see where they’re located, a phone number & what other customers have thought of their service. And this is where the gold is. Because we’re so busy, no longer do many of us talk to the neighbours in our street about a recommendation for a tradie. Now we can go online and review the ratings on Google Places, and quickly find the right tradie for your needs.
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