Frequently Asked Questions

Who is New Image Antennas?

New Image Antennas is a Melbourne based company with more than 20 years experience installing digital and analogue antenna systems for residential and commercial purposes. We’re proud of the fact that we are highly qualified and experienced in what we do, using the latest technology and equipment to take
care of all your TV and radio reception issues.

What do you specialise in?
We’re specialists in fixing and installing a range of antenna systems for residential and commercial applications. We can help you with all your antenna related problems, including fixing reception issues, TV antenna repairs, digital antenna installation, High Definition Set Top Boxes, UHF/VHF aerials, antenna masts, cabling, boosters, amplifiers …pretty much anything antenna system related! We also have A-Grade Electricians for all your Electrical requirements.

What areas do you service?

We service all Melbourne suburbs and surrounds.


What’s causing my bad TV reception?

It can sometimes be difficult to work out why you have bad TV reception, and what to do to fix it. It also depends on whether you have a digital or analogue TV. The main causes of bad TV reception are:

  • How far away you are from the broadcasting tower: Your TV reception can be affected by how far away you are from the transmitter. Generally, signal strength will reduce the further away you are from the TV transmitter. With analogue TV, your reception could be snowy – the further away you are the snowier your picture gets. But with digital TV bad reception can means that your picture breaks up and can fail altogether.
  • Where you live: The physical surroundings of where you live can affect your TV reception. For example if there are tall buildings or hills between you and your TV transmitter then this can cause bad TV reception. You may also be living in a reception black spot. If you use an indoor antenna it might be getting interference from other electrical appliances nearby.
  • How good your antenna is: The condition, age and quality of your antenna can play a big part in getting good TV reception. If your antenna is sitting on your roof, the constant exposure to the elements over a period of time may affect how well it receives TV signals. Also, over the past few years there have been improvements in TV antenna technology, which means your current antenna may not be up to scratch. The change to digital TV could also mean that your existing antenna is not the best for digital TV transmission.

As you can see, there can be a number of reasons why you’re getting bad TV reception. It can be difficult to work out exactly what the real cause is, so contact usif you’re having trouble getting a decent picture on either your analogue or digital TV.


I need a new antenna, how can you help?

At New Image Antennas, we have a quality range of Australian made antennas that we can install for you, whether you live in a free standing house, units or block of apartments. With more than 18 years experience in repairing and installing antennas across Melbourne and beyond, you can rest assured that we’ll install the right antenna for you.

What about commercial antenna installations?

We are specialists in commercial antenna installations. Our experienced technicians have installed antenna systems for a range of commercial properties including hotels, retirement homes, clubs, resorts, hospitals and large-scale residential and commercial property developments. Contact or call us on 1800 351 121 to find out more about the commercial antenna system installations we have done.

How long are your antennas guaranteed for?

All our antennas come with a lifetime guarantee.

Is there a difference in antenna quality?

Yes, like everything, antennas vary in quality. We only provide antennas of the highest quality, and they are all backed by a lifetime guarantee. Not only do we use antennas of the highest quality, but importantly we also make sure that the complete antenna system, including all equipment and cabling is the best quality, giving you the best possible TV picture.

Can my antenna be fixed instead of being replaced with a new one?

Sure, if we think that you’re antenna can be easily repaired and give you a great picture, then it may not have to be replaced with a new one. We have the experience and knowledge to work out whether your antenna can be fixed, and the skills and tools to do the job properly.

Won’t I save money by installing a new antenna myself?

Not necessarily. Consider the amount of time you’ll need to spend working out what’s the best antenna system for your building, geographic area and TV type. Then there’s the time and cost involved in getting up SAFELY on the roof to fit the antenna, run the cabling and testing everything to make sure its all working fine. We’ve heard of DIY antenna installers facing their antennas in the wrong direction, breaking roof tiles whilst installing their antenna and worst of all serious injuries as a result of falls.

At New Image Antennas, we have the right equipment and years of experience in installing antennas and making sure your antenna system is correctly set up for your needs. We’ll save you time, cost and hassle when it comes to professionally installing your new TV antenna. Contact us now for a free quote.



What is Digital TV?

Digital TV is a new way of delivering TV signals to your home. In Australia, digital TV first started on 1 January 2001, alongside the existing analogue broadcast. The analogue broadcast is progressively being switched off around the country, so it’s important that you know when your analogue service is being switched off to make sure you are “digital ready”. You can find out when your analogue service will be switched off at the Government’s Digital Ready website.

What is the Digital Switchover?

The Department of Broadband,Communications and the Digital Economy on behalf of the Australian Government is managing the switchover from analogue TV to Digital TV. Over the next few years the analogue transmission will be progressively switched off, and the only TV broadcast available afterwards will be digital.

Will it cost anything to get Digital TV?

No, all of the free to air channels will be available for free via digital transmission. There will also be a number of new free to air digital TV channels available.

What are the benefits of Digital TV?

Digital TV provides a number of benefits, including better picture and sound quality, reception as well being able to deliver a range of new features such as widescreen, more channels and high definition. You’ll also be able to get access to TV programme information via an ‘Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and view some TV programmes with multiple camera view and interactive services such as internet content, shopping, games and more.

How Do I get Digital TV?

There are 2 ways you can get Digital TV:

1. Through your existing analogue TV: If you want to receive Digital TV through your existing analogue TV, then you’ll need to get a digital set top box or digital TV recorder. We can supply you with an appropriate set top box, as well as help with installing it to give you crystal clear digital TV.

2. Upgrade your TV to a set that has an inbuilt digital TV tuner.

Yes, there is assistance available for those on an Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, receiving Carer Payments or Department of Veterans Affairs Service Pension or Income Support Supplement. To find out more about the eligibility criteria and assistance available visit the Are You Ready for Digital TV website.

I use an internal antenna, will that be OK for Digital TV?

Possibly. If you’re currently using an indoor antenna, you may need to upgrade to an external antenna, unless you’re in an area of high signal strength.

I’ve got an outside antenna, will that do for Digital TV?

Our experience tells us that whilst some people will have antennas that are suitable for Digital TV transmission, many people have antennas that are old or need repairing and therefore may not be suitable for getting a decent Digital TV reception. Get in touch with us and we can help you work out if your current TV antenna is suitable for the best possible Digital TV picture. Contact us for a free quote.

What is the Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme?

This is an Australian Government initiative as part of the switchover to digital TV to ensure consumers have access to skilled and endorsed digital antenna installers. As an endorsed antenna installer, installers are required to meet minimum standards including:

  • at least one year’s experience as an installer
  • have and know how to use digital signal measurement equipment
  • have minimum public liability insurance of $5 million

The scheme is voluntary for antenna installers, and in order to become an endorsed installer they must be assessed in working safely, coaxial cabling, installing antennas and antenna installing equipment.

For commercial applications, installers are assessed on their knowledge of installing complex systems as well as altering and troubleshooting complex antenna systems.

Is New Image Antennas an endorsed installer?

Yes, we are endorsed antenna installers under the Government’s scheme for both domestic and commercial antenna installations

Where can I find out more about the switch to Digital TV?

The Government has set up a site specifically to help you with the switchover to Digital TV. There’s a comprehensive range of information and advice, covering when the switch will happen, how to switch, why and more. (NB Gov site will be removed post switchover).