Digital TV Antenna

Digital TV is the exciting new way of delivering TV signals to your home and New Image Antennas are specialists when it comes to digital antenna installations across Melbourne.

With the switchover to Digital TV, Australians will enjoy a number of benefits including better picture and sound quality, new features and more channels. We have already seen new digital channels launched from the free to air channels such as One, Go, ABC2 & 3 and SBSTwo.
You’ll also find out more about the new channels

The Australian government has decided that digital TV transmission is a superior technology to the existing analogue broadcast, providing a range of benefits to consumers.

Analogue TV transmission has been gradually switched off, which means you will only be able to get free to air TV if you have equipment that can receive digital transmission.

How to switch to Digital TV

There are several different ways to switch to Digital TV. You have the option of either converting or upgrading your existing equipment. To keep getting free to air TV post digital switch, you’ll need a TV that can receive digital signals.

There are three ways you can get digital TV.

Option 1 – Set top box: A set top box allows you to watch digital TV using your analog TV set. These can either be in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD), which are capable of providing interactive services such as TV programme guides and pausing/replaying live TV. This functions like an antenna amplifier and converts the functionality of your analog tv into digital.

Option 2 – TV with a built in digital tuner:Most TV’s on the market today have digital tuners built in, which means once they’re hooked up to your antenna, they function as an antenna amplifier and you’ll get all the digital channels.

At New Image Antennas, we can help you work out the best digital tv antenna system for you to receive Digital TV. We service all Melbourne suburbs and surrounds, and we can get you digital ready with a digital set top box and install a digital antenna system promptly. Contact us now with any questions you may have on choosing the right digital TV equipment.

Melbourne Digital TV Reception

Digital TV promises to provide a range of benefits, including a clearer picture and sound. Bad digital TV reception can result in “pixilation” where your picture breaks up or no picture at all.

There are a number of factors that can affect the quality of your digital TV picture, including the strength of your signal, obstructions such as buildings and terrain, weather conditions as well as the quality of your antenna.

Whilst your existing antenna may be able to receive digital TV without any problem, our experience tells us that many people will have antennas that are old or need repairing and therefore may not be suitable for getting quality Digital TV reception.

Get in touch with us and we can help you work out if your current digital TV antenna is suitable to receive a great digital TV picture. We can assist with the best antenna selection, positioning, orientation, cabling and related equipment selection. We’re Melbourne’s Digital TV antenna specialists.

We offer a range of digital TV antenna services, and we also provide, TV antenna installations, antenna repairs, fixing bad reception, analogue antennas, TV, phone & data points and HD set top boxes. We also have A-Grade Electricians available. REC 21355.

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