Why an electrician should NOT install your TV antenna

When it comes to TV, Australia is in the digital transition phase, so you may be beginning to experience picture faults.

If your old TV antenna system isn’t set up to receive the new frequencies required for digital television viewing, it’s easy to fix. It’s simply a matter of investing in a quality TV antenna, combined with professional antenna installation.

Australian homeowners may pride themselves on being efficient at do-it-yourself home improvements, installing appliances and basic household repair work. However, installing your own outdoor TV antenna or employing a regular electrician to do the task may not be a good idea.

Installing a television antenna on a roof can not only be dangerous, it also requires technical knowledge the average homeowner or regular electrician is unlikely to possess.

Clear up digital TV confusion

Because there is a lot of information around about digital TV from many different sources, it can be difficult to know what is correct and what is not. A professional TV antenna installer can give you a clear understanding of what to expect if you are changing over to digital TV, and ensure you purchase the correct equipment.

If you have already changed over to digital TV, but are experiencing signal problems, they can also recommend solutions.

Additional television outlets

Many people require more than one television to run from a single television antenna. A professional television antenna installer can easily install additional outlets so every television in your home produces a great picture with clear sound.

Installing a home theatre system

Modern home theatres are usually comprised of a lot of specialised and costly equipment, so you want the installation to be done efficiently and correctly.

A TV antenna professional is the right person for the job. They are trained to provide your home theatre with the correct cable connections and antenna installation, so your screen or plasma TV has an excellent picture, and your speakers sound fantastic.

Trained in roof top safety

TV antenna professionals are usually fully trained in safely installing antenna equipment on a variety of rooftops and high places, and under a range of weather conditions.

Whether you are purchasing a new TV antenna to maximise digital frequencies, tweaking an existing antenna for improved TV reception or setting up a home theatre, at New Age Antennas we can evaluate your requirements and install a quality antenna that has a lifetime guarantee.

Get a professional on the job!

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