What happens to my old TV when digital takes over?

It depends. Do you have a digital set top box? If your TV can connect to a digital set top box or a digital TV recorder then you can use your old TV for as long as you like.

Have you thought about your TV aerial? If you’re lucky you wont need a digital TV aerial installation, as your old one should hopefully do the trick. But of course, if in doubt give us a quick call and we can have a look for you.

If your TV is so old it doesn’t have typical connections on the back then you might as well put it out in the next hard rubbish pick-up because once we reach the digital switchover (Dec 2013) that’s the end of your old TV giving you anything except white noise.

If your old TV can be hooked up to typical DVD players and the like then it should be fine to connect to a digital set top box.

A standard definition (SD) set-top box will probably cost between $30 and $75. If you have a high definition (HD) TV then you’d be better off getting a HD set top box. But if you don’t have HD then save your hard-earned money as it won’t help you get a better picture!

If you have a little more budget to play with, we suggest you invest in a TV recorder with built in digital receiver. That way you can record hundreds of hours of programming that you can watch at your leisure. Once you get all the digital channels you might need to do a fair bit of recording to keep up with all the great shows on digital TV!