What happened to HDTV?

According to a recent article in ‘The Age’, titled “Network Ten abandons AFL – the great Aussie high-def swindle” we’re being dudded when it comes to being able to watch our favourite shows in high definition. (HD).

For sports fans in particular, the lack of HD live sports programming is about to get a whole lot worse with Channel 10 deciding not to bid for the next instalment of AFL rights.

What started off as a promise to provide a range of sports in crystal clear HD, the major free to air networks seem to be running away from HD. Why you might asks?

According to the article in “The Age”, its all to do with pushing people to Foxtel. Foxtel have come out and said they’ll be putting all AFL on HD, so in theory it provides a point of difference with the free to air channels.

Whether or not its the case, there is definitely room for more HD TV content. What do you think?