Tips on Safely Installing Wall Mounted TVs

Having wall mounted TVs has become the norm in most homes these days. More than just entertainment devices, wall mounted flat screen TVs are now often regarded as style statements as well. But, however you think of your TV, there’s no denying that wall mounting is practical when it comes to space-saving, and gives the ordinary living room the feel of a proper cinema.

But short of hiring a professional, how exactly do you go about installing a TV on the wall? Here are some of our top tips to help guide you to successful wall mounted TV bliss.

Measure up for your wall mounted TV

Your first step should be to choose where you’d like your wall mounted TV. You’ll need to choose a wall with enough space, and choose a height that is suitable for viewing from nearby couches.

While there’s no definitive guidelines on how high you should place your TV, you should use a tape measure to get the TV dimensions right, then mark it out on the wall in pencil. Once you’ve tested it out by sitting down and checking the marks are in the right place for comfortable viewing, use masking tape or painters’ tape to make an outline of where the TV will appear.

Decide how you’ll hide wires

Unfortunately, a wireless TV has yet to be invented. Which means that when you’re considering a wall mounted TV you’ll need to decide how you’re going to hide unsightly wires and cords.

One idea is to strategically place furniture below the TV to conceal the wires. Another idea is to drill or cut a hole into the wall to hide the cables. This will require some pre-thinking (and power tools) to ensure that the TV will then cover the hole. You’ll also need to ensure that there is a power outlet available.

Preparation is key

Once you’ve determined how you’ll be managing any wires and cords, you will know whether you need to drill any holes or make any cuts into the wall.

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to use a stud finder to identify the stud framing in the wall. Make sure you make note of these by marking them in pencil or in painters’ tape.

You’ll also want to check that at the height you’ve chosen, the cords for your TV will be able to reach their designated power point. You can hide some cabling in the wall, but you shouldn’t use an extension cord inside the wall, nor should you run the TV power cord inside the wall.

(And, if you discover metal stud framing or bricks instead of standard drywall, call a professional for help).

Mount the TV

Finally, actually installing the TV wall mount should be pretty stress-free. Most wall mounts come with detailed instructions, which are easy to follow. If you’re unsure of the steps at any stage, just take a break and call the manufacturer.

At New Image Antennas we can install your wall mounted TV without any fuss or hassle. Just call us on 1800 351 121.

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