The Dangerous Life of an Antenna Repairman

Like many homeowners, you might enjoy pottering around your home doing odd jobs and repairs, and for the most part DIY can be rewarding. However, there is one area where the idea to do a little DIY should be put aside in favour of being smart and calling in the professionals – and that is climbing onto your roof and attempting to repair your TV antenna.

Not only does repairing a television antenna require some technical knowledge, it can also be highly dangerous if you are untrained in roof safety. It’s not an exaggeration to say that one slip can cost you your life.

When it comes to TV antenna repair, Melbourne based company New Image Antennas takes safety very seriously. The New Image technicians understand the hazards of working at height, have the latest equipment and know how to stay safe on a roof while working to repair or replace an antenna. Here are a few of the common hazards technicians face on a daily basis, and they overcome them.

Weather and TV antenna repair

Weather conditions should always be taken into consideration when replacing or repairing a TV antenna. While it’s common sense to avoid accessing a roof in wet or snowy weather, winds can also impact roof safety, depending on their severity. It may be possible to access a roof for antenna repair if the wind is only very mild, but it’s still important to be alert to gusts.

Equipment positioning

New Image professional TV antenna repairmen are always aware of where they place their equipment and tools while working on a roof. Apart from the possibility of a tool falling and causing them to slip or be hurt, a badly positioned tool can also slide off the roof and hit someone on the ground. A tool or piece of equipment falling from a height can cause a significant injury.

Body positioning

When working on a roof to repair a television antenna, New Image professionals are constantly alert to the position of their bodies. Working in an unstable body position increases the risk of a sudden gust of wind blowing a TV antenna technician off the roof, or a slip causing them to lose balance. Stooping slightly and keeping a low centre of gravity also helps with stability if the wind abruptly picks up.

As you can see, a television antenna repairer has to cope with many potential risks during their working day, but they are trained in working at heights and will have the proper safety equipment on hand. If you’re untrained and without safety equipment, a roof can be a dangerous place and it’s advisable to leave it to the experts.

If you’re searching for a professional experienced in television antenna repair in Melbourne, look no further than New Image Antennas. The company has a team of repairers qualified to fix your TV antenna, adjust it for the best signal, or supply a replacement if necessary.

Call us 1800 351 121 to install your TV antenna for optimal reception.

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