Recycling Your Old TV

As more and more people switch over to digital TV by upgrading from their existing TV, the next question to aks is, “What do I do with my old TV?”

Well, if you live in the Albury region, one solution, as reported by the ABC Murray Goulburn, is to take your old box to to the Albury-based recycling workshop. Here, Kalianna, a not-for-profit organisation that supports people with a disability, will pull apart a range of electronics including TV’s for a second life.

Employees at Kalianna recycle copper wiring, central processing units (CPU’s), motherboards and most metals from televisions and computers.

The ABC report quotes Kalianna’s supervisor, Ross Weeding: “People deliver their TV’s to us and then the employees pull them to pieces, out of that we are able to recycle the wiring and everything else inside the television apart from the screens.

“Because of the heavy metals that are in the screens; led and mercury, we are unable to do anything with them here so we send them off to South Australia where they are recycled.”

As there is a cost to send the screens over to South Australia for processing, you’re charged a small fee of $10 to handover for TV’s and $6 for computers. Not much really when you consider the benefits to the environment, and all money earned from recycling goes back into running the workshop.

“If you can get a tonne of CPU’s that is worth $70,000, but you need a lot to make a tonne. That money is reinvested back into the workshop and we try to better the workshop and conditions for everybody here.”

What a great way to manage the huge numbers of TV’s we all see lying on nature strips. Reduces the amount of landfill, provides employment and income and minimises our impact on the environment.