Questions to ask so you get a fair deal from an ‘antenna man’

As we get closer to the big digital TV switchover there will be more and more ‘antenna men’ knocking on your door wanting to carry out a digital antenna installation for you.

But wait! Before you hand-over your hard-earned cash you need to ask some important questions first. Who are they? Are they qualified? How long have they been in business? Are they part of the Government approved Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme? What kind of antenna are they selling me? What will the antenna and installation cost me? What guarantees do I have?

We thought we’d take a moment to answer these questions for you. Please make sure if you’re considering anyone for a digital antenna installation that you ask these same questions. Once you have the full information you can make up your own mind who can help you get a quality picture at an affordable price.

18 years and still going strong!

- Are we part of the Government approved Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme?

Yes! The scheme is voluntary for antenna installers, and in order to become an endorsed installer they must be assessed in working safely, coaxial cabling, installing antennas and antenna installing equipment. As an endorsed antenna installer, installers are required to meet minimum standards including:

– at least one year’s experience as an installer

- have and know how to use digital signal measurement equipment

- have minimum public liability insurance of $5 million

We consider this to be the very minimum standard you should expect from a TV antenna installer. So if the company approaching you doesn’t have an endorsement, maybe you should look elsewhere.

- What kind of antenna are we offering?

Unlike some smaller operators we have a large range of antennas available that will suit your particular need, big or small. We use antennas of the highest quality, but most importantly we also make sure that the complete antenna system, including all equipment and cabling is the best quality, giving you the best possible TV picture. That’s where some operators try to cut costs hoping you’ll never notice. We’ve always believed in the best quality at the best price, that’s why we still have a good name 18 years on!

- What does a digital TV antenna and installation cost?

Our high-quality digital antennas start from $120 including installation. And as we already mentioned, we make sure you get the best quality cabling as well.

- What guarantees do we offer?

All of our antennas have a lifetime guarantee. And unlike some new operators we’ve already got an 18 year track record, so you can be assured we aren’t fly-by-nighters. We’ll be around long after the digital switchover has passed us all by.

We believe we are Melbourne’s best antenna installation company. Speak to us on 1800 351 121 and we think you’ll agree!

Thu, 10 May 2012

Why is Australia going digital?

It’s a little bit like keeping up with the Joneses. We have to keep up with what’s happening overseas. But there is a more practical reason too. More and more overseas programs are being produced in the digital format only — so going digital means that Australians won’t miss out on all the great new TV programs being made.

Also, when the analogue signal is finally all turned off, the government plans to use that free space for other services for the community.

- OK so I get access to new programs, what else?

There are more options with digital TV services, these include:

  • more channels to view through ‘Freeview’
  • access to the new digital channels through some subscription TV providers
  • the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service for regional areas.

- What is Freeview?

Freeview is an industry body responsible for promoting the free-to-air digital TV service in Australia. It comprises of all the free-to-air broadcasters including ABC, SBS, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten, Southern Cross, Prime and the WIN Network.

Together they offer 16 digital channels, including ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24, SBS ONE, SBS TWO, SBS HD, Seven, 7TWO, 7mate, GO!, GEM, TEN, ONE and ELEVEN.

- How do I get all these free channels?

To receive all the Freeview channels in your area, you’ll need a good television antenna, a high definition (HD) digital TV that has a built-in digital receiver, or a HD TV plus a digital ‘set-top box’.

- How do I know if my TV has a built in digital tuner?

Can you receive ABC2 or SBS TWO? If you can see these channels, then you are already watching digital TV and you don’t need to change or upgrade.

- Do I really need to buy a new TV?

No, most analog TVs will be able to receive digital TV by connecting a digital set-top box or digital TV recorder. So unless your analog TV is too old to be connected to a set-top box or digital TV recorder (and that would be REALLY old), it won’t need replacing. So it shouldn’t cost you much at all to get access to digital TV.

However, just remember that if your TV isn’t high definition you won’t be able to watch the high definition (HD) channels. But it’s only a few channels right now so it isn’t too much of a problem. Later on, when you are ready, you can always buy a new HD TV that has an integrated digital TV tuner.

The first and most important step is that you have a digital set-top box and, if your picture quality is bad, you might need to get an antenna booster or, you might need a full digital TV antenna installation so you can receive the digital signal loud and clear.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to talk to you about your most affordable options.