Mobile antennas: How to choose the right outdoor TV antenna

Purchasing a mobile TV antenna for your caravan or motorhome is very different to purchasing an antenna for your home. For most houses, an outdoor digital TV antenna is set up by a professional antenna installer to receive transmissions from one transmitter, and is never moved again.

Mobile TV antennas are of course very different. There are thousands of TV transmitter towers around Australia, and getting perfect reception from every one of them using a single outdoor TV antenna while travelling can be a bit tricky to achieve.

Here are some things that can help you decide which mobile TV antenna is right for you.

Decide VHS or UHF

Australian transmission towers transmit one of two types of frequencies – VHS and UHS. The majority of capital cities in Australia use the VHS frequency. Some broad-ranging transmitters like the one in Canberra also transmit VHS frequency, but these types of towers aren’t commonplace.

The best outdoor TV antennas for VHS frequencies are larger style antennas. Towers in and around country towns usually transmit UHF frequencies, which receive better on smaller more compact antennas. You can also buy outdoor TV antennas that receive both frequencies.

Other factors

To add to the potential confusion, TV reception is also transmitted vertically or horizontally. This is why antennas are usually made up of vertical and horizontal components. Country areas generally have towers that transmit vertically, because the signal travels further and breaks up less.

You can also buy mobile TV antennas that are directional (you point them directly at the transmitter) or omni-directional, which means they don’t have to be aimed.

Tips for getting the best TV reception

The type of mobile TV antenna that will work for you depends very much on where you travel. If you regularly travel to the same place on holidays, buy the TV antenna that works for that location.

If you travel widely and need to hedge your bets, consider what is most important to you about television. If you just want to keep up with the news, for example, you might not need the same level of mobile antenna as if you simply can’t miss an episode of your favourite show!

Have you also noticed that the majority of caravan parks and camping grounds are located on low ground beside a waterway and surrounded by shady trees? This makes them comfortable and picturesque places to stay in, but the buildings, trees and hills make TV reception difficult. Adding an amplifier or booster to your TV antenna can help overcome terrain problems.

You can also consider mounting your outdoor antenna on a pole, rather than on the roof of your caravan or motorhome, to boost the reception you get over your sunset drinks.

There is a lot to consider when purchasing and setting up a mobile TV antenna for your next holiday.

It’s a smart idea to contact the professionals at New Image Antennas to discuss your mobile and outdoor TV antenna options. We have been servicing Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for more than 20 years, and have the experience and skills to supply and install the best mobile TV antenna for you, wherever your wanderlust takes you.

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