MATV Systems Explained

MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. It’s the way reception in large buildings such as hotels, schools, office blocks and apartment blocks is conveyed to every TV in the building, using a single master TV antenna.

In simplified terms, a MATV system is made up of two main sections.

There is the ‘head end’, which is the TV antenna portion of the system, and the distribution system, which is the network of cables that delivers the signal. These two parts are configured to the number of individual dwellings and floors of a building so each TV receives quality reception.

MATV components

A typical MATV system includes:

  • A straightforward UHS TV antenna that is capable of receiving a signal for digital TV.
  • A processing component where the signals received by the antenna are configured correctly.
  • A distribution network then transports the signals to an outlet in each destination. More than one outlet can be installed in each area, but only one TV can receive reception from each outlet.

When you need MATV

Sending TV signals from a central location using a MATV system avoids the expense of installing and maintaining a large number of separate antennas.

It also prevents reception problems that would usually occur when more than one TV antennas are in close proximity.

For example, a modest-sized hotel may have 60 guest rooms requiring 60 TV sets, not only would it be expensive to install 60 TV antennas, the upkeep on them would be time consuming. The major benefit of MATV installation is it allows TV and FM signals to be transmitted from one antenna, while ensuring the transmission remains strong and interference free.

When you need a MATV expert

Although a MATV system is essential for large buildings where lots of people require access to a television, the quality of the TV reception hinges on the quality of the signal received by the TV antenna.

Because it is vital to install the correct antenna, MATV installation is best left up to the experts. At New Image Antennas, our professionals can provide you with advice on the design and development of the best MATV for your building, along with an ongoing maintenance service.

Call us 1800 351 121 with any questions about MATV.

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