Is your television antenna guaranteed for life?

Finding the right television antenna can often seem like a confusing and overly technical process. But the truth is, it is easy – once you find the right digital TV antenna provider. 

You should ensure that the company that performs your digital antenna installation is trustworthy, credible and reputable, and offers a guarantee that you will have either long-term, or life-long, support on the television antenna you buy.

This might sound rather simplistic, but some providers view antenna installation as a one-step process, with no further support or follow-up.

Television antennas can often require further adjustment in order to get the best signal strength, and make sure you get the best possible television watching experience.

Also, the seasons in Australia are as dramatic as the landscape, and it is quite common to experience intense weather conditions, such as storms, strong winds and hail, which can impact television antennas, and mean antennas often require ongoing support and maintenance.

Ask for an antenna warranty

We recommend confirming that your television antenna comes with a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship and materials, so you can be assured you have a quality product, which has been installed by a professional company.

Television antenna support, for life

Unlike other suppliers, New Image Antennas are guaranteed for life. This means that if you experience any issues or faults with our equipment, we will repair the antenna free of charge, or where necessary replace the antenna with a new one.

To offer further peace of mind, our television antennas are designed in Europe, and then produced locally in Melbourne. Antennas go through a rigorous testing process in order to guarantee a premium product, which has been produced with high quality materials and to exacting standards.

So next time you’re in the market for a television antenna, make sure you choose a company like us that offers a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy premium quality, and absolute peace of mind.

At New Image Antennas we can advise you on the best television antenna for your needs and take care of the aerial installation for you. Just call us on 1800 351 121.


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