How Smart is Your TV?

TV’s used to be simple things. Kind of like a fish bowl sitting in a box, showing 4 channels and a couple of other ones that were usually covered in snow.

If you wanted to watch a different channel, you had to physically get out of the chair, turn a dial (did that thing inspire the ipod I wonder?) and find that channel you were looking for.

Now? Well, its so much easier. For starters, there’s man’s new best friend, the remote. And there’s widescreen TV, surely the best thing to happen to the lounge since…well nothing really. On top of that we’ve got 3DTV, HD, cable TV, digital and the list goes on.

For those that love their computers as much as their TV’s, you can put the two together and get the perfect marriage of internet and TV. Except that doing this bit can be pretty techy, and in spite of Apple’s best intentions, its not always straight forward.

So now the big TV brands have invented a new kind of TV, the smart TV. It can do all of the usual cutting edge TV tricks that we’ve come to expect – HD, widescreen, remote etc. But now they’ve managed to squeeze in the internet as well. All out of the one box!

What do you get when you buy a smart TV. Basically its the best bits of the internet. You get a bunch of TV “apps”, streamed content, web browsing, games and internet TV. Inernet TV is just TV content sent to your TV via the internet.

Why bother? Well, we used to have 4 channels. Then with cable it went to 50+ and digital TV added a few more. Now with the internet plugged in at the back, there’s pretty much no limit – only the amount of time you have on the couch!

Stat – more than 24 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute!

If you need any help getting the best picture on your new smart TV, give us a call! Our experienced team will be only too happy to help with the right solution.