How many TVs can run on one TV antenna?

With the widespread introduction of digital television across Australia, many people are reviewing their TV reception, and their TV antenna design. And, with several televisions in a single household the norm these days, one question that often pops up is how many televisions can be run effectively off a single antenna?

Quality reception is the key

The number of TV outlets that can run off one TV antenna is theoretically unlimited, as long as the antenna has been set up correctly from the start to give a quality signal. This is because all that each television requires from the antenna is a signal, which continues to be transmitted regardless of the number of outlets.

Adding more than one television to a single television antenna is a simple process of attaching a splitter to the antenna connection in the wall, allowing it to be split or divided into outlets for several leads.

However, if you intend to run more than two televisions from the same antenna, the antenna signal may need to be boosted or amplified to provide sufficient signal to each TV. A booster literally revs up the signal from the TV antenna and distributes it to multiple locations around your home to improve the sound and picture quality of each television. A television antenna professional is the best person to install splitters or boosters, for best results.

Indications your TV antenna may require a booster

The most common issue that occurs when a single antenna is not delivering the required amount of signal is the picture pixelating or freezing. The picture can also regularly break up and reform, although this can also be due to weather conditions, rather than a weak signal.

Running a number of televisions off a single antenna is perfectly possible, and the number of TVs you set up has no effect on the overall quality of the signal. You may need some professional help though, especially if you notice that you are having problems with the picture or sound.

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