How do I know if I have a digital TV?

An easy way to tell if you are watching digital TV, is whether you can receive ABC2, ABC3 or GO. These are all standard definition digital channels, so if you can view them (and you don’t have subscription TV like Foxtel), it means your TV is capable of receiving digital TV.

If you’re lucky enough to already have a digital TV, there’s one more question you should ask: How good is my reception?

Your existing television antenna may be able to receive digital TV without any problem. However our experience tells us that most people have antennas that are old, broken or are simply not suitable for getting quality Digital TV reception.

We all remember the fuzzy images our analogue TV gets when reception gets bad. However with digital, the signal is often all or nothing. It’s either perfect or it’s pixelated (that’s means little coloured squares on your screen) or there’s no signal at all.

If you get the occasional pixilation and no signal message that probably means your antenna either isn’t positioned correctly or it needs replacing. If it’s been quite a few years since your antenna was installed and you’re experiencing these problems we would suggest it’s time to take advantage of one of our specials and get a digital TV antenna installation.

We’re Melbourne’s Digital TV antenna specialists. We can assist with the best antenna selection and make sure you have the right aerial positioning, orientation, cabling and related equipment.

So if you need an aerial installation give us a call for a quick and easy quote to get your picture perfect.