Have You Considered a 3D TV?

3D TV is here. In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of 3D movies, with the likes of Avatar and a host of kids movies that have reinvented the whole 3D experience. Remember Jaws 3D? Well 3D has finally arrived, and the experience is amazing.
But what about 3D TV?
On the back of the success of 3D movies, and also the fact that most consumers have upgraded to a widescreen TV, manufacturers have been looking for the “next big thing”. And they’re betting on 3D TV. Imagine, that fantastic 3D experience right in your own home!
So now 3D TV’s are in your local store, but are we buying them? It seems that no one is really buying a 3D for the 3D experience alone. Rather, we’re buying them in the hope that we’re future proofing our TV, but it seems that we’re not really using the 3D side of things all that much.
The main reason is that there isn’t that much to watch that’s actually broadcast in 3D. What we’d really like to watch is movies and live sport in 3D, how amazing would that be? But unfortunately there’s just not much viewing available to encourage us to put on our glasses. At the moment its pretty much limited to cartoons.
As a result of the less than enthusiastic takeup of 3D TV’s, manufacturers are looking to other technologies to drive new sales. This includes “smart TV’s” that look to include internet content, such as You Tube, Twitter feeds and other social networking sites. Will this be the next big thing in TV’s?
Only time will tell. Oh and by the way, don’t right off 3D TV’s either. I still want to watch the footy in 3D, someday!