Hang on to Your Antenna – Its Winter

So far winter in Melbourne has given us the variety only a Melbourne winter can. We started off with some fairly cold weather, with the opening of the ski season in early June blessed with plenty of the white stuff. Then we had quite a mild stint, with some beautiful sunny and (relatively) mild days.

This week, however, the thermometer has headed south. Rain, wind and no sun means that we’re all shivering and doing our best to keep warm. It’s during these cold blasts, when scurry inside after work and school to keep warm and snug inside and sit back and watch some comfort TV – like Masterchef or the the footy.

Something not many of us think about, when we’re trying to ignore the wind howling outside, is weather the antenna that’s perched on the roof is going to make it through the cold blasts coming our way. Its the unsung hero of our cold winter evenings, standing outside in the wind and the rain, on top of the roof, doing its job without complaint.

That is, unless its getting a bit long in the tooth. Or it wasn’t fitted properly in the first place. Or the wiring is a bit dodgy. Then you might no be quite so warm and snug. You might in fact be quite grumpy. There’s nothing worse than sitting down of an evening to relax and instead of it snowing (well in Melbourne its more likely to be rain or hail) outside, you find that there’s snow on your TV! Disaster!

What to do? Well, to make sure your winter evenings don’t suffer this fate, and you think your antenna might be on the wrong side of its useful life, then it might pay to get a professional antenna installer in to give it a health check.

A professional installer will be able to give your antenna system a once over, and make sure everything’s in shape from top to bottom. If you’ve recently upgrade your home TV system, then it might also be the perfect time to have your TV antenna system replaced with state of the art equipment that will do justice to your TV system.

Once you’ve had your antenna system checked out, you can sit back, let winter do its worst and be warm and comfortable in the knowledge that your antenna won’t let you down.