Antenna Installation for Your New House

Are you lucky enough to be building your dream home? Have you thought about making sure you’ve got the best TV reception, especially if your house has a home cinema.

As part of the joy, hard work and sometimes frustration of building your new home, its important to consider where and how many TV antenna points you’ll have around the house. Like to watch Kochi in the morning? Then you’ll need a TV antenna point in the kitchen. Kids like to watch their own shows? Then you’ll need TV points in the bedrooms. Like to have an early night and watch some TV in bed? Then you’ll need a TV antenna point in your bedroom too.
If you’ve considered all these details in building your home, then well done!

If not, then we at New Image Antennas can certainly help. Using our expertise and knowledge, we can provide straight forward advice on what you need when it comes to getting a great picture, no matter where you are in your home.

Once you’ve got your antenna points sorted, then the other thing to consider to make sure you get a great picture on your TV is your antenna. It is possible to install a new antenna yourself, provided you have the right equipment and are able to access your new home site in a safe manner. However for many new home builders, having the right equipment, knowing how to get the best reception and above all being as safe as possible is not easy.

Its important to install the right equipment for your building type and location, as well as using and installing cabling that is suited to your situation. There are a range of antenna solutions available, which can make the decision on what to use a difficult one. We recommend that you avoid the hassle of deciding on what solution to use in your new home, and seek out the services of professional antenna installers.

At New Image Antennas, we can provide you with expert advice on the right solution for your new home, ensuring that you get a great picture, no matter if you’re in the kitchen, bedroom or home theatre with your friends.

With New Image, Kochi’s never looked so good! Call us today for a free quote 1800 351 121.